Mortgage Interest, Real Estate LLCs, and Boozy Airbnb Gifts

Mortgage Interest, Real Estate LLCs, and Boozy Airbnb Gifts

Episode #322

Your new Airbnb is set up and ready to go. You’re just finishing up the welcome gift and slipping in a bottle of wine as a pleasant surprise for your guest. Oops…you might have just put yourself in a BAD position. On this week’s Rookie Reply, Ashley and Tony are getting into the moral muddiness of including boozy gifts in your welcome package, how to account for your mortgage interest expense, and when you should (and shouldn’t) buy a property in an LLC.

You’ve got the real estate questions; Ashley and Tony have the answers. But we’re not just debating whether your guests should crack a couple cold ones on your dime. We’ll also get into how to find past purchase prices for ANY home, a property tax breakdown with some tips to save you money, and the difference between appraised and assessed value.

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

03:26 How to Account for Mortgage Interest

06:49 Do You Need an LLC?

13:02 Add THIS to Your Welcome Gift?

26:36 Where to Find Home Sales History

32:07 Property Tax Breakdown

36:37 Send Us Your Question!

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