The Late Starter’s Guide to Real Estate Investing (Start in Your 50s!)

The Late Starter’s Guide to Real Estate Investing (Start in Your 50s!)

Episode #820

Can you start real estate investing in your 40s, 50s, or 60s? We’re here to prove that it’s 100% possible, even if you have zero real estate experience or feel like you’re getting a “late start” to rental properties. You don’t need a lot to begin, and if you have some of the basics down, you can go from zero rental properties to twenty like today’s guest, Kim Woolf Bosler, who started her real estate portfolio at age fifty-six, with six children and twenty grandchildren!

But before we get into Kim’s fast-paced property story, we’ll chat with Kyle Mast, the financially-free CFP (certified financial planner) who already achieved financial independence with the help of real estate investing. Kyle is here to help show that even if you don’t have millions of dollars in the bank or rental property experience, you can STILL invest, no matter your age. He’ll talk about where to pull money from, how to increase your income in retirement, home equity, and more!

After some solid tips from Kyle, Kim will share her story of going from primary residence owner to building a portfolio of twenty properties in a VERY short amount of time. Now she has the flexibility to live every day as she chooses and use all her extra income to spend time with her BIG family! You can copy Kim’s exact strategy by tuning into today’s episode!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

02:43 Financially Independent Kyle!

03:57 Late Starter Advantages

04:59 Investing with Your 401(k)

09:06 Using Your Equity

14:56 Add Some Extra Income!

20:08 Connect with Kyle!

20:21 Starting at 56!

25:23 Fears and Hurdles

27:07 Where to Invest

28:47 Strategy and Property Management

31:57 Kim’s Portfolio

35:36 It’s Never TOO Late to Start

37:23 Connect with Kim!

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