10 Real Estate Deals in 18 Months After a SEVERE Loss of Income

10 Real Estate Deals in 18 Months After a SEVERE Loss of Income

Episode #323

Completing ten real estate deals in only eighteen months might seem ambitious for a rookie investor, but today’s guest had no choice after experiencing a MAJOR loss of income.

In this episode of the “Real Estate Rookie” podcast, we’re chatting with fitness mentor, professional stuntman, and new investor Matt Ramirez. Between his thriving health business and steady television stunt work, Matt and his family were in a good place financially. Then 2020 hit. With stay-at-home orders and the film industry shutting down, Matt was suddenly making just twenty percent of his usual income. Providentially, he discovered BiggerPockets, caught the real estate bug, and was determined to make a career out of flipping houses. But, like many rookie investors, Matt still had some tough lessons to learn along the way!

If financial hardship has thrown a wrench in your real estate journey, draw inspiration from Matt’s story. Despite struggling to get approved for financing early on and losing money on his third flip, Matt never gave up on his real estate dream. In this episode, he’ll show you how to find the best real estate deals, get financing with inconsistent income, and hire dependable contractors for your rehab projects!

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00:00 Intro

01:37 Major Financial Setbacks

09:00 Survival Mode

15:39 The First House Flip

21:16 Scaling & HARD Lessons Learned

31:19 How Do You Find Deals?

43:27 Rookie Request Line

48:53 Rookie Exam

50:50 Rookie Rockstar

51:15 Connect with Matt!

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