Millionaire by Mid-30s Using THIS Multifamily Rental Formula

Millionaire by Mid-30s Using THIS Multifamily Rental Formula

Episode #821

Ryan Tseko became a multifamily millionaire by his mid-thirties after giving up his previous career to invest. By the time Ryan was thirty, he already had twenty-one rental units, paid off over six figures in student debt, and used his pilot job to scope out new property markets. Everything was going to plan until a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented itself. Ryan left everything and made the jump.

But how did Ryan end up in his multi-millionaire position? How did he go from house hacking “crash pads” for pilots to helping manage one of the largest real estate portfolios in the country? A better question—how did a commercial pilot become Grant Cardone’s right-hand man? Ryan’s story is unbelievable, but it’s true.

In today’s episode, Ryan will share why he gave up his high-paid job to bust his butt working for Cardone Capital, why Grant Cardone told him to sell his ENTIRE real estate portfolio, and the two-minute deal analysis Ryan does that instantly tells him whether a property is worth pursuing. Ryan proves ANYONE can go from nothing to much more than something—and you can, too!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

02:33 Quick Tip

03:45 Pilot to Property Investor

10:17 21 Rentals by 30 Years Old!

13:02 $140K in Student Debt

16:29 Finding New Markets

17:52 Managing Properties at 30,000 Feet

20:35 Becoming Grant Cardone’s Private Pilot

30:06 40 Units in 40 Days

42:49 Working with Grant and Selling His Portfolio

51:21 The 2-Minute Multifamily Formula

59:35 Flight, Fight, or Fright

01:03:50 Connect with Ryan!

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