Airbnb Business BAN: It’s Time to Switch to Medium-Term Rentals

Airbnb Business BAN: It’s Time to Switch to Medium-Term Rentals

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Medium-term rentals are arguably the safest, smartest, most profitable rental property in 2023. With short-term rentals being banned in big cities across the US, Airbnb businesses are suffering due to the “no less than thirty days” rules. But, instead of closing your doors or selling your properties, you can EASILY transition to “medium-term rentals” and make MORE money with LESS headache.

Jesse Vasquez is the internet’s go-to medium-term rental authority. After short-term rentals were banned in his city, he switched his properties to the medium-term model and has never looked back. Now, he’s here to show you that a failed flip, cash-flow hemorrhaging rental property, or banned Airbnb can be converted to a medium-term rental in no time. Plus, you’ll make more money in the process!

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02:16 Do THIS During Off-Season
02:46 Failed Flip? Rent it Out!
04:07 Create Instant Cash Flow
05:42 The TRUTH About Medium-Term Rentals
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