How to Buy Your First Rental by The END of 2023 (Step-by-Step)

How to Buy Your First Rental by The END of 2023 (Step-by-Step)

If you watch this video, you’ll be able to buy a rental property in the next ninety days. That means by the end of 2023, you could have passive income flowing in and equity building on your behalf. But how do you get there, especially during a tough housing market like we find ourselves in today? Don’t worry; we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on finding, funding, and profiting from rental properties so you can achieve financial freedom.

David Greene is financially free because of real estate. He’s been building his rental property portfolio for over a decade, and now, he’s sharing the tricks of the trade with YOU. In this webinar, David will go through the “ninety-day challenge” that helps real estate rookies become rental property investors in less time than EVER before. If you’re starting from ZERO and don’t know where to begin, this is THE episode to tune into. Or, if you’ve hit a wall while building your rental portfolio, stick around; we’ll get you to your first (or next) rental in ninety days (or less)!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

02:35 Buy Your First Rental in 90 Days!

05:39 How to Start

08:59 1. Why Do You Want to Invest?

13:49 2. Markets and Strategies

15:40 3. Finding Properties

24:54 4. How to Analyze a Rental Property

29:01 Let’s Analyze a Deal Together

39:38 Start Building Your FUTURE

49:30 5. Financing Your Property

51:19 6. STICK WITH IT!

01:01:01 The KEY to Success in Real Estate

01:11:22 Real Estate Q&A

01:13:58 Ready to Buy Your First Rental?

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