Zillow’s “1% Down” Mortgage Isn’t What You Think…

Zillow’s “1% Down” Mortgage Isn’t What You Think…

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Zillow’s 1% down mortgage is shaking up the real estate industry, but can anyone even qualify for it? While this may seem too good to be true, this is an actual loan product offered by MULTIPLE lenders across the country. But with just 1% down, what’s the catch? On this Mortgage Monday, Christian and David will uncover the truth about this first-of-its-kind mortgage and whether putting just 1% down is actually worth it.

For those who think you can finally buy your million-dollar mansion for just $10,000, don’t get your hopes up. This type of loan has some serious limits and more red flags than a matador meetup, making the 1% down option lucrative ONLY for a certain subsect of buyers. But if you’re able to fit the requirements, this may be an offer too good to pass up!

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00:00 Zillow’s 1% Down Mortgage
02:21 Interest Rates
04:45 Income Limits
06:51 Purchase Price Limits
08:51 3 Big Red Flags
10:19 Will it Work for Rentals?
12:05 Would You Put 1% Down?

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