4 Factors that Could Force a Housing Market Correction This Fall

4 Factors that Could Force a Housing Market Correction This Fall

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A fall housing market correction isn’t out of the question, especially as certain economic factors begin to put pressure on home prices. But is there enough going against the housing market for prices to fall, especially when specific markets across the country are seeing rising prices? Dave Meyer, VP of Data and Analytics at BiggerPockets, is back to answer whether or not we should worry about a home price correction as we head closer to the new year.

Dave goes through a handful of metrics to watch out for. From tracking supply and demand to affordability, if ANY external factor begins to affect these, it could spell disaster for the real estate market, but this may not be such a bad thing if you’re trying to buy. Dave also highlights the four factors that could put added pressure on prices and why buyer demand could be forced to fall.

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0:00 A New Housing Correction?
3:03 Affordability is Tanking
4:32 Where Demand is Rising
5:45 Supply Drops to 2021 Levels
7:01 4 Things to WATCH

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