From Family Bankruptcy to Financial Freedom & Making $1.9M Tax-Free!

From Family Bankruptcy to Financial Freedom & Making $1.9M Tax-Free!

Episode #824

Jason Lewis made it his life’s goal to hit financial freedom by thirty-five. After watching his family go bankrupt, lose their multi-generational farm, and have to give up their dreams, Jason knew that this was NOT what he wanted his future to look like. Instead, Jason would build a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. One without high risk, high leverage, or a bank breathing down his neck when things went sideways. A portfolio that would make him MILLIONS in tax-free income, using techniques every average American can repeat.

Jason quickly learned the right way to use debt. After securing a loan at the young age of seven, Jason started raising hogs. When he became the Grand Champion for hog raising at his local fair, he was given a check for a couple thousand dollars—MORE than enough for any seven-year-old. This lesson later helped Jason repeat the same strategy, but with real estate, always adding value and ALWAYS paying his debts.

Jason’s “opportunistic” way of investing allows him to buy anything and everything that makes money. House hacking, fix and flips, mobile homes, and oil and gas leases are just SOME of the asset classes that Jason has invested in. One of these allowed him to make $1.9 million using a strategy that ANYONE listening to this episode can take advantage of. Want to hear how? Stick around!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:53 Quick Tip

02:40 Doing Deals with John Wayne

04:47 Losing the Family Farm

15:24 Investing at 7 Years Old

22:49 Making $1.9M TAX-FREE

32:38 The Luxury House Hack

36:08 Stay Away from These Investors

45:18 NEVER Over-Leverage

48:28 No B.S. Advice for Investors

54:29 Connect with Jason!

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