How to Find Off-Market Real Estate Deals with Little to No Money

How to Find Off-Market Real Estate Deals with Little to No Money

Episode #326

Finding off-market real estate deals can be a great way to kick off your investing career, as it requires very little money to get started. The catch? You MUST be willing to get your hands dirty.

Welcome back to the “Real Estate Rookie” podcast! Today, we’re chatting with real estate wholesaler Nate Robbins. After a long and successful career in banking, Nate was beginning to feel burnt out and frustrated with life. As fate would have it, he ran into Tarl Yarber—one of the most successful real estate investors in the Pacific Northwest. Under Tarl’s mentorship, Nate learned the ropes of real estate investing. With his strong people skills, natural ability to communicate, and infectious personality, he was able to carve out a niche in acquisitions—where he has been able to close off-market deals at a massive profit.

If you need real estate to be your escape rope from the monotony of your nine-to-five, this episode is for you! Nate talks about shedding the W2 mentality and how to find the best investing strategy for you. He also shares his step-by-step process for finding highly profitable off-market deals. Whether you’re a bubbly extrovert or a cautious introvert, Nate will equip you with practical tips on how to engage a seller and get your foot in the door!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

02:19 Taking a Chance on Real Estate

13:12 Shedding the W2 Mentality

21:08 Finding Off-Market Deals

32:24 How to Talk to Sellers

47:21 What to Do at a Showing

51:!2 Rookie Request Line

54:08 Connect with Nate!

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