How to Turn 1 Rental Property into MANY (The Right Way)

How to Turn 1 Rental Property into MANY (The Right Way)

Episode #825

Have a rental property? What if you could use it to buy even more rentals, build your real estate portfolio, and have a steady stream of passive income flowing into your bank account? On today’s Seeing Greene, one viewer is asking exactly how to do that, and while his strategy could work, it may not be the best move with mortgage rates so high and deal flow so low. So, what would David do instead?

It’s Sunday, so we’re taking listener questions directly from rookies, veteran investors, and those wanting to retire early. In this episode, David pokes holes in the “cash-out refinance to buy a new property” strategy. We also hear from two late starters who want to get a jump on their retirement, a burnt-out property manager looking for the best way to scale, an equity-heavy investor who’s debating buying a rental or lending out his money, and a reviewer who was scammed by the real estate “gurus.”

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

02:15 Quick Tip

09:56 How to Retire Early with Rentals

15:01 How to Scale Your Real Estate Business

21:39 Questions from The Comment Section

33:07 DON’T Quit Your Job

38:26 Private Lending vs. Buying Rentals

45:11 Ask David Your Question!

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