A Day in The Life of a HIGH Six-Figure Earning Loan Officer

A Day in The Life of a HIGH Six-Figure Earning Loan Officer

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Loan officers like Ricardo Carrillo work twelve-hour days on the regular, with non-stop phone calls from morning till night, constantly trying to get their clients the best loan imaginable. They know every mortgage program, every interest rate, every seller credit, AND what the wealthy are doing with their money that you AREN’T. Today, we talk to the top loan officer from The One Brokerage about what someone looking for a loan should start and stop doing NOW.

At just twenty-five years old, Ricardo makes more money than the company he works for, but this comes at a cost. If you want to start making a substantial six-figure salary, then the loan officer life may be for you. But, if you’d rather take back some time freedom, invest in real estate, and start building your own rental property portfolio, Ricky has some advice on getting a mortgage that you won’t hear anywhere else.

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00:00 Become an Overnight Millionaire!
02:24 Day in the Loan Officer Life
04:46 What the Rich Know That You Don’t
06:29 Ricky’s Investor “Hack”
08:55 Stop Taking “TikTok” Advice
11:56 Working 12 Hour Days!?
13:43 The “Ideal” Lendee
15:11 Loan Programs You MUST Know About
16:59 The “Pillars” of Wealth

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