5 Steps to Get ANY Home Offer Accepted in The 2023 Housing Market

5 Steps to Get ANY Home Offer Accepted in The 2023 Housing Market

Episode #826

The 2023 housing market may be the “toughest real estate market” we’ve ever experienced. But, after this episode, we bet your home offer will get accepted, even during a wild seller’s market, even if you’re not offering the highest bid, and EVEN if this is your first time buying a home. While you may THINK that sellers always choose the “highest and best” offer that comes their way, we have a few experts to prove that that’s rarely the case and how you can win even in an impossible housing market.

First-time home buyers and veteran investors alike are feeling the sting from this never-ending sellers market. There are still more buyers than sellers, and bidding wars have come back into fashion. Thankfully, a few quick tips from today’s expert agent, Lindsey Iskierka, and David Greene’s own mortgage broker, Christian Bachelder, can help you win the home you love or your next cash-flowing, equity-boosting investment property.

We’ll walk through the five steps ANYONE (yes, even you) can take to put yourself in the BEST position to make a bid on a property, how your lender can ensure you DON’T get squeezed into paying more, and the biggest mistake new home buyers make that are costing them their dream home. Stick around because once you put these tips into practice, you could have too many accepted offers on your hands.

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00:00 Intro

02:05 Quick Tip

03:02 The Toughest Real Estate Market Ever?

06:41 This is NOT the 2021 Housing Market

10:00 1. Getting the Pre-APPROVAL

21:02 2. Writing the Offer

31:27 3. Negotiating in Escrow

41:49 4. Funding

47:45 The “System” EVERYONE Should Use

49:54 5. Closing

54:52 Connect with Christian and Lindsey!

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