From $16/Hour to Making Six Figures in Real Estate in ONE Year

From $16/Hour to Making Six Figures in Real Estate in ONE Year

Episode #827

Want a PRACTICAL guide to making six figures in real estate? What about a way to do it in a year or less? That’s precisely what Keith Everett did, trading his sixteen-dollar-an-hour factory job for the potential to make six figures by himself, wholesaling real estate. Keith dropped out of college to work, realizing he made as much at his job as his university professors. After working twelve to sixteen-hour shifts and receiving a ten-cent raise (seriously), Keith knew he needed a way out.

Keith purchased a twenty-dollar book on real estate investing and got his first deal soon after. He was flying high, thinking the rest would be easy until the money stopped flowing in, his car got repossessed, his bank account ran low, and his wife was forced to move away for a job that would support the family. This wasn’t Keith’s plan, but he quickly turned things around.

Now, Keith runs a real estate business that brings in not just six figures a year but six figures a MONTH. He’s done over 400 deals in the past seven years and went from factory worker to scrappy hustler to CEO. Keith walks through every book he read, course he attended, and skill he learned that took his wealth to the next level. If you follow his practical tips, you could end up right where he is.

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

02:07 Quick Tip

03:04 Quitting College for Real Estate

10:15 $16/Hour to SIX FIGURES

17:40 Finding Your “Financial Thermostat”

24:28 Fixing Your Credit

31:30 Becoming a CEO

38:09 What’s Next?

39:51 Connect with Keith!

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