Don’t Sell Your “Low Cash Flow” Rental Property Yet…

Don’t Sell Your “Low Cash Flow” Rental Property Yet…

Episode #828

DON’T sell your low-cash flow rental property just yet—you could make it a cash cow with one quick strategy switch. At least that’s Rob Abasolo’s advice as he joins David this Sunday for a Seeing Greene episode, where they take questions directly from BiggerPockets listeners, commenters, and reviewers! And even if you don’t have your first rental in the bag, this episode will be worth tuning into.

David and Rob discuss whether buying your first property with a fixed vs. adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) makes more sense with today’s high interest rates. Then, we hear from an investor looking to sell their rentals and move that money into a bigger city with more appreciation potential. The problem? Their rentals are making some serious cash flow. Speaking of cash flow, we hear from an investor who’s got a townhouse that COULD become a rental but would have some meager returns. Is it worth keeping? Tune in to hear answers to all those questions and more!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

02:47 Partnering and Splitting Profits w/Family

09:51 Keep or Sell a Low Cash-Flow Rental?

18:39 ARMs vs. Fixed Rate Mortgages

25:24 Questions from The Comment Section

34:28 Sell to Invest in a Hot Market?

39:42 Ask David Your Question!

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