Conventional Loans: The Best Rental Property Financing Around?

Conventional Loans: The Best Rental Property Financing Around?

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Is a conventional loan right for you? With low down payment requirements, some of the best mortgage rates in the industry, removable PMI (private mortgage insurance), and availability from most lenders, this is the gold standard of what a home loan should be. So, are you able to get one, and if so, how do you use it to build your rental property portfolio?

Christian and David are back to walk through the conventional loan in-depth. They’ll go over using it to buy a primary residence, a vacation home, a short-term rental, or a standard rental property, plus what you’ll need with you at the closing table. And if you’ve heard of the “ten mortgage limit” rule, Christian and David have a hack that allows you to get around it so you can get your next rental.

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00:00 Conventional Loans 101
02:47 1. Primary Residences
03:42 2. Vacation Homes/Rentals
07:36 3. Investment Property
08:11 Mortgage Rate Differences
09:01 Second Home Mortgage Requirements 10:46 PMI and Down Payments
14:24 The 10 Mortgage “Limit”
16:33 “Assumable” Mortgages
17:34 Prepayment Penalties
18:09 Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
19:15 Documents You Need
20:41 Work with Christian and David!

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