$2M in Real Estate in 2 Years by Buying ONLY Off-Market

$2M in Real Estate in 2 Years by Buying ONLY Off-Market

Episode #830

Off-market real estate deals can make you a millionaire in just a few YEARS. Instead of buying the nicest-looking rental property in the best area through a brutal bidding war, David Lecko went the opposite route, purchasing the properties nobody else wanted, finding deals simply by driving for dollars or paying someone else to do so. He went from a burnt-out nine-to-five worker to financial freedom in just two years by following this strategy, and you can do it, too!

David was working all day and all night, making a meager salary with almost zero time freedom. His boss, who worked far less than he did, outsourced his business and had rental properties on the side. David knew that to be in the same position, he’d have to mimic his boss’ path to wealth. So, after work, David would drive around his local area, looking for the tallest grass, the biggest roof repairs, and the worst paint jobs. He finally found his first deal, which cost less than a used car, but ended up springboarding David to make millions.

In today’s episode, David will walk through EXACTLY how to find off-market real estate deals the RIGHT way, how to get around the lazy lists that most off-market investors use, and how to turn a few properties into millions of dollars of wealth and close to six figures a year in passive income. And in today’s tough housing market, finding deals like these is even MORE crucial. So, what are you waiting for? Financial freedom is only a couple of years away!

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00:00 Intro

01:46 Quick Tip

02:22 $2M in Rentals in 2 Years!

05:06 Lowballing WORKS

08:05 Burnt Out at a Bad Job

18:00 The $4,000 First Deal

29:59 Driving for Dollars (and Hiring it Out)

40:13 How to Get Your First Deal

45:18 Is This BRRRR Worth It?

51:25 Who Should Drive for Dollars?

53:03 Ultimate Time Freedom

54:47 How to Talk to Sellers

56:54 Connect with David!

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