What the Media Isn’t Tell You About the Airbnb Investing “Crash”

What the Media Isn’t Tell You About the Airbnb Investing “Crash”

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“It’s the end of Airbnb investing! Sell your short-term rentals right away, or risk losing your property! Guests have switched to hotels, and they’re never coming back!” These headlines would be scary if they were true. But in reality, Airbnb and vacation rental investments are doing just fine—but the same can’t be said about all the hosts.

Rob (Robuilt) Abasolo will debunk four of the top Airbnb investing myths that mainstream media loves to spread. As a host with dozens of live vacation rentals across the country, he knows what is ACTUALLY happening in the industry, and if you’re scared for your own Airbnb, Rob reminds you why you should or shouldn’t be. In fact, you can beat the “Airbnb crash” by following some simple tips from the king of Airbnb himself.

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