How to Become a Millionaire in 6 Months with ONE Rental Property

How to Become a Millionaire in 6 Months with ONE Rental Property

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Want to know how to become a millionaire? Christian Osgood and Cody Davis have three repeatable steps that can get you there with just ONE rental property. Think we’re blowing smoke? Stick around because these two investors were able to become millionaires in their twenties without money, banks, or a large inheritance. All they had to do was find the one property with potential. Thankfully, it was a property nobody wanted.

Christian and Cody found the ugliest property on the market and offered seller financing to the sellers. They agreed. The problem? Christian and Cody still needed hundreds of thousands of dollars to make the down payment. If you want to know where they found their down payment money, how they turned this mismanaged property into millions of dollars, and how they repeated this strategy across over one hundred rental units, you’ll need to keep watching.

Start making headache-free cash flow without the tenants, toilets, or trash:

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00:00 148 Rentals in 3 Years!
00:31 Sponsor: PPR Capital Management!
01:05 Making $1M on 1 Property
02:37 Buy What No One Wants
03:59 The Property Numbers
05:32 Buy, Make Millions, Repeat
06:33 The 3 Steps to Follow

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