DON’T Use a HELOC to Buy Investment Property Unless…

DON’T Use a HELOC to Buy Investment Property Unless…

Episode #834

About to take out a HELOC to buy an investment property? This could be a move you regret for years, ESPECIALLY if you’re doing this in 2023. As home prices have risen and real estate investors search for more money to invest, the HELOC (home equity line of credit) has become an obvious choice for many. But drawing from these lines of credit could come with a lot more risk than you might think and may tank your cash flow.

David Greene is back on another Seeing Greene, live from Florida! But that’s not all; Rob (Robuilt) Abasolo is coming on to tag-team your real estate investing questions. They’ll first talk to Tim, who wants to invest in real estate in high-priced Southern California. He has a townhome with some sizable equity but doesn’t know how to fund his first investment or make the most cash flow. David and Rob also hit on what to do with inherited or paid-off properties and how to scale when you lack the capital. Plus, we read a two-star review and combat it with a YouTube comment compliment from David’s secret admirer.

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:16 Quick Tip

02:52 How to Invest in Expensive Areas

11:12 HELOC for Down Payment?

14:01 Connect with Tim!

14:31 Our 2-Star Review

16:15 Questions from The Comment Section

22:14 Where to Find Money to Invest More

28:45 I Inherited a Property!

33:10 How to Fund Home Repairs

36:33 You’re Seeing Greene!

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