How to Reinvest Your Money and Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio FAST

How to Reinvest Your Money and Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio FAST

Episode #333

Your real estate business has come across a little money. Maybe you’ve just sold an investment property for a large profit or increased your W2 income. In any case, how should you go about investing your small fortune? Like any investor, you want your money to help you scale your real estate business faster. Today’s guest is here to lend a hand!

Welcome back to the “Real Estate Rookie” podcast! Usually, Ashley and Tony are the ones asking the questions, but in this very special episode, THEY are being interviewed by rookie investor Kevin Cullen. On the brink of selling one of his three investment properties, Kevin has a handful of burning questions for our hosts. How should he spend his newfound capital? Should he get a partner for his next deal? What are the best ways to structure his first partnership?

In this episode, Kevin hits on several important topics that rookies often wonder about. Stick around for the biggest “red flags” to look out for in a potential investing partner, key terms to include in a partnership agreement, and when to get an attorney involved as you’re forming your partnership. You’ll even learn how to reinvest your money into real estate and three ways to find off-market properties!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

03:58 Managing Rentals Out-of-State

09:56 Structuring Your First Partnership

21:37 Drafting Up an Agreement

27:29 Test the Waters!

35:31 How to Reinvest Your Money

45:05 3 Ways to Find Off-Market Deals

53:08 Connect with Kevin!

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