Meet Kevin: Investing in This is a “Terrible Idea”

Meet Kevin: Investing in This is a “Terrible Idea”

Episode #837

Kevin Paffrath, AKA “Meet Kevin,” one of YouTube’s most famous financial influencers and real estate investors, joins us for this week’s Seeing Greene to answer YOUR real estate investing questions. But this time, you’ll hear a bit more about who should be investing, who shouldn’t, and why partnering up on a property is a huge “no-no” in Kevin’s book. Plus, if you’re starved for cash flow in this impossible investing environment, Kevin has some good news for you.

But that’s not all we get into. David and Kevin talk about why cash flow isn’t as important as you think, why dating the mortgage rate could be risky, the social media investing scam you could be falling into, and why investing with no money down is a fool’s game. One investor even submits a potential deal that makes Kevin want to vomit (his words), so if this sounds like something you’re about to buy, run away!

Want to ask David a question? If so, submit your question here ( so David can answer it on the next episode of Seeing Greene. Hop on the BiggerPockets forums and ask other investors their take, or follow David on Instagram to see when he’s going live so you can jump on a live Q&A and get your question answered on the spot!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:00 Quick Tip

01:25 STOP Caring About Cash Flow

07:29 Buy with High Rates?

10:35 Social Media Investing “Advice”

12:00 I Need More Money to Invest!

18:42 Sell My Break-Even BRRRR?

21:29 Questions From the Comment Section

24:25 The Investing “Advantage”

26:03 Private Money Preapprovals

31:21 When to BRRRR vs. Flip

37:48 “This is a TERRIBLE Idea!”

43:11 Connect with Kevin!

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