From Janitor to $1,000,000 by Buying $2,500 Rental Properties

From Janitor to $1,000,000 by Buying $2,500 Rental Properties

Episode #839

Darius Kellar went from making $10/hour as a janitor to a real estate investor with over $1,000,000 in rental properties in less than a decade. By taking advantage of property auctions and investing in areas that most real estate investors wouldn’t even consider, Darius has built a real estate portfolio that will soon bring in six figures in rent every year, most of which he’ll get to keep. How he did it was a lot simpler than you’d expect.

Before real estate, Darius had $100,000 in student debt, was making a close-to-unlivable wage, and knew he needed a way out. He bought his first home six years after the Great Financial Crisis in an economically devastated city. Darius couldn’t get a mortgage and needed to save up to get out of the two-bedroom house he was sharing with six other people. Once he closed on his first house, he knew he had to repeat the system. But this wasn’t easy.

Darius has seen everything from sewer problems to stripped copper piping and wiring, no electric hookups, and renovation headaches, but he never stopped. Now, he makes as much passive income per year as many people’s full-time jobs and can show you how to do the same so you can make more money than you ever dreamed possible.

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:22 Quick Tip

01:56 First Property Nightmare

03:50 Making $10/Hour

07:27 Buying $2,500 Houses!?

15:08 More Properties and Pipe Problems

25:57 DON’T Rely on “Passive” Income

29:06 Buying Houses at Auction

32:18 Where to Ask Investing Questions

33:31 Darius’ Cash Flow and Portfolio

36:02 Outsourcing Everything

38:12 $1,000,000 in Real Estate

41:44 Connect with Darius!

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