The Truth About “Passive Income” in Real Estate

The Truth About “Passive Income” in Real Estate

Is “passive income” in real estate actually possible? Anyone who owns rental properties knows that between the tenants, toilets, property managers, and contractors, investing in real estate isn’t all that passive. Still, there are a few ways to free up your time so you can make more money while doing less. Both Rob “Robuilt” Abasolo and Rent To Retirement’s Zach Lemaster own BIG rental portfolios, so how do they have time in the day to film these videos?

Rob and Zach share their top tips for making your real estate portfolio as passive as possible. From automating sixty percent of your work (seriously) to letting your partners take care of your property, there are a few ways you can actually make passive income when investing in real estate. But if you’re not doing any of these and still expanding your portfolio, you could dig yourself into a hole that’s hard to climb out of later down the line…

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00:00 How to Make PASSIVE Income
00:46 You Need a Lender
01:10 Is “Passive” Income a Lie?
03:31 Automate EVERYTHING You Can
05:26 Buy Back Your Time
10:02 Know What You Want
10:36 Pick the Right Property Managers
11:59 The Truth About Passive Income
14:10 Connect with Zach!

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