Has the End of Real Estate Investing Already Begun?

Has the End of Real Estate Investing Already Begun?

Episode #840

Could the end of real estate investing already be upon us? How do you know how much to spend on a renovation before buying a house? And is a negative cash flow rental EVER worth investing in? On this Seeing Greene, we’re answering the tough questions you’ll be forced to ask in a hard housing market so you can build wealth while the masses run for the hills. Thankfully, David has his co-pilot on this episode!

David and Rob are back to answer YOUR real estate questions, EVEN if you’re too scared to hear the answers. On today’s show, a live caller asks, “How do I get a renovation estimate BEFORE bidding on a BRRRR?” If you’ve stressed over which comes first, the bid or the buy, stick around. We’ll also touch on negative cash flow and when it makes sense to buy a rental that’s losing money every month (there’s a science to this). Then, for all you doomsayers, David and Rob give their take on what happens when the population declines, and no one is left to rent houses. Finally, we answer the age-old question, “should I rent or buy in today’s market?”

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00:00 Intro

01:34 Quick Tip

02:37 Estimating Rehab Costs BEFORE You Buy

10:44 Why You NEED a Rehab “Range”

13:59 Connect with Sean!

14:19 Questions From the Comment Section

19:30 Is Negative Cash Flow EVER Worth It?

27:48 The End of Real Estate?

35:12 Renting vs. Owning

43:12 Ask David Your Question!

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