Down Payments, DSCR Loans, Escrow Accounts, and Your Mortgage FAQs

Down Payments, DSCR Loans, Escrow Accounts, and Your Mortgage FAQs

You asked, and we answered the most important mortgage FAQs for real estate investors. Today, Christian and David go over DSCR loans, escrow accounts, risky down payments, mortgage recasting, and other investor-only questions that’ll help you lock down your next property faster. And EVEN if you aren’t buying now, you still need to hear what Christian and David say about existing loans.

It’s Monday, so it’s time for more mortgage content with Christian and David. We answered the most commonly asked questions from our Mortgage Monday series on today’s video. Questions like: how to transfer a DSCR loan into a conventional mortgage? Can I use a personal loan to fund my down payment? And how long do I have to wait to waive my escrow account and keep more money in my pocket? All those questions and more are answered today!

But we’re not done yet! Leave your mortgage question in the comments below so Christian and David can answer it in their next FAQ episode!

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00:00 Most Common Mortgage Questions
00:52 1. Can I Transfer a DSCR to Conventional?
2:57 2. Pre-Approvals for DSCR Loans
06:38 3. Can I Borrow a Down Payment?
09:23 4. When Can I Waive Escrow Payments?
10:54 5. When Can I “Recast” My Mortgage?
12:51 Ask This EVERY Time
15:03 Got a Mortgage Question?

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