Soft Landing or Hard Recession? (How to Make Money in Either)

Soft Landing or Hard Recession? (How to Make Money in Either)

Episode #841

Will 2024 bring about a soft landing or a hard recession? Tough economic times could be upon us as more and more economists disagree with the “soft landing” narrative of early and mid-2023. Even though the economy hasn’t broken down yet, top-tier investors like Fundrise’s Ben Miller believe that a recessionary “lag” is taking place that could give us some severe financial whiplash—and only the best of the best will survive what is to come.

So, what does it take to survive a recession, and how do you know whether or not you’ve put yourself at risk of losing everything? Ben, David, and Rob all give their takes on what could happen in 2024, how they’re protecting their wealth, and why they’re taking fewer risks to ensure they make it out alive. This may be a HUGE wake-up call if you’re still actively buying real estate deals and leveraging your portfolio as much as possible.

Ben will also talk about his lessons from the last two crashes, how the companies he worked with got crushed, and how he changed his investing perspective to build wealth far faster than almost anyone around him. Wealth is built during the downtimes, but if you don’t follow the advice of those who have been through past crashes, you could lose everything you’ve built!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:24 Quick Tip

01:54 How Bad the Recession Could Get

08:33 When the Recession Will Hit

15:04 Soft Landing vs. Hard Recession

19:16 Effects on Real Estate

24:44 Where and When to Invest

35:36 STOP Buying Real Estate?

47:11 Connect with Ben!

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