$12K/Month from 4 Rentals: Making a HUGE Profit w/ “Unique Stays”

$12K/Month from 4 Rentals: Making a HUGE Profit w/ “Unique Stays”

Episode #337

Raking in twelve thousand dollars each month from only four rentals might seem like pie in the sky, but that’s the power of investing (and reinvesting!) in short-term rentals. Find the right market and property, and you can charge a premium for an unforgettable guest experience!

Welcome back to the “Real Estate Rookie” podcast! Today, we’re chatting with Zoey Berghoff, an investor who earns a significant amount of income from a small real estate portfolio. While other investors might use their profits to buy more properties, Zoey bucks conventional wisdom by reinvesting those profits back into her rentals—a move that has not only boosted her booking numbers but also allowed her to charge more for her unique stays. But that’s not all Zoey is doing to maximize her profits. By “land hacking,” she creates multiple income streams on one property while keeping her rental property expenses down.

What does it take to succeed in the short-term rental space? Stick around and find out! In addition to maximizing Airbnb profits, Zoey talks about how to approach new builds—from assembling the right team for the job to getting your county on board. Finally, she highlights the importance of setting reasonable expectations for your Airbnb guests—even if it means narrowing your pool of potential guests!

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00:00 Intro

02:17 “Accidental” Glamping Investors

09:59 $12K/Month?!

20:39 Land Hacking 101

38:03 Analyzing a Unique Stay

41:21 How to Make Your Rental Stand Out

49:55 Rookie Request Line

53:19 Rookie Exam

58:34 Connect with Zoey!

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