Home Sellers WAKE UP: On-Market Real Estate Deals Are BACK

Home Sellers WAKE UP: On-Market Real Estate Deals Are BACK

The best place to find real estate deals in 2024? THE MLS! No, this isn’t a joke, and this video is NOT sponsored by the MLS. After years of low inventory and equally low mortgage rates, the tide has turned significantly, and sellers are starting to wake up to the reality that their homes aren’t worth the prices they were quoted just a year ago. Why is this good news for investors? Now, you can find SERIOUS deals on-market and have time to negotiate, get inspections, and add in contingencies.

James Dainard, one of the Pacific Northwest’s top house flippers, went from buying the majority of his deals off-market to buying almost all of them on-market. Desperate sellers who need to get rid of their homes CAN’T offload them to just any buyer. With high mortgage rates, first-time home buyers are waiting until rates drop to buy. This now creates a HUGE opportunity for investors.

Don’t believe us that on-market is the new way to find deals? Stick around because James will show you how he got a six-figure discount on this house found completely on-market!

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00:00 On-Market Deals Are Back!
02:46 Sellers Finally Wake Up!
04:48 $100K+ Price Cuts
06:55 Where Did the Demand Go?
09:58 MUCH Better Deals
11:04 Where to Find Your Next Deal

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