2 Rental Properties in 2 Years (at Age 25!)

2 Rental Properties in 2 Years (at Age 25!)

Through house hacking, Noah Bacon was able to buy two rental properties in just two years. He needed very little money to do it and didn’t have a hefty income when he started building his rental property portfolio. While even buying one property may seem challenging to most real estate rookies, Noah will show you how purchasing one property EVERY YEAR isn’t as hard as you think and can help speed up your path to financial freedom!

If you’re still struggling to invest in real estate, house hacking is HANDS DOWN the method you should try. Why? Here are the benefits: low down payments, low interest rates, the ability to buy pricier properties, AND your mortgage will be paid for by others while you let the home’s equity build your wealth.

In this video, Noah walks through his second house hack, how he financed it, what he looked for in the property, and how he got renters as soon as he closed on it! Stick around so YOU can repeat Noah’s system and start building your real estate portfolio today!

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00:00 2 Properties in 2 Years!
01:28 Financing the Property
02:26 Pre-Qualifying for a Mortgage
04:55 Property Management
07:18 Pre-Screening Tenants
08:38 You Should House Hack TOO!

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