NAR Lawsuit Loss Could Mean the END of Real Estate Agents

NAR Lawsuit Loss Could Mean the END of Real Estate Agents

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The recent NAR lawsuit could mean the end of real estate agents at worst and serious change in the industry at best. This high-profile lawsuit argued against the current realtor and real estate commission splits, claiming that commissions are unfairly paid solely by the seller. With a ground-breaking $1.8B verdict, this could change how real estate agents and realtors make money and begs buyers to ask, “Are agents even worth using?”

Are we going to answer that question? DEFINITELY NOT. But Dave is here to explain what the NAR lawsuit verdict means for real estate agents and realtors and the outcomes to follow. If you’re a buyer, seller, investor, agent, realtor, or broker, this news DIRECTLY affects you!

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NAR Lawsuit Ends in $1.8B Loss, “Enormous” Ripple Effects to Come:
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00:00 The End of Agents?
00:56 Sponsor: Kiavi!
01:57 The NAR Lawsuit Explained
03:32 $1.8 BILLION Verdict
04:35 What Happens Next?
07:18 Agent Commissions Get CUT
08:12 Bye-Bye Buyer’s Agents
8:51 NAR CEO Steps Down

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