Why Self Storage Investing Beats Rental Properties in EVERY Way

Why Self Storage Investing Beats Rental Properties in EVERY Way

Episode #340

Self storage investing saved AJ Osborne’s life. After sudden paralysis and being left in a coma, AJ was fired from his job. He couldn’t work, walk, breathe, or do anything without assistance. Strapped to a hospital bed, with only the ability to blink “yes” or “no” to the doctors, AJ didn’t have to worry about bills getting paid or whether his kids would have a happy Christmas—self storage took care of his finances while he miraculously recovered.

For this reason and many others, self storage may be the best real estate investment on the planet. But you’ve probably never considered it or looked into buying a facility. For less money, self storage facilities produce more cash flow, less headache, and significantly lower risk than rentals. Even better? There are no clogged toilets or broken refrigerators. Just four walls and a metal door—that’s the entire investment.

In today’s show, you’ll be brought to the light side, seeing how self storage, a traditionally unsexy asset class, beats rental properties in almost every way imaginable, plus how this asset was able to save AJ’s life and financial future. AJ even explains why now may be the BEST time to get into self storage.

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00:00 Intro

01:48 Completely Comatose and Paralyzed

08:56 Wheelchair to Walking and Fighting Through Pain

18:18 The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened to Him

25:37 Change Your Perspective on Pain

29:34 “Self-Storage Saved My Life”

33:00 THE Self-Storage Playbook

40:13 NOW is The Time to BUY

49:38 Why Self-Storage Beats Rentals

54:55 The Recession-Resistant Investment

01:00:38 Killer Cash Flow

01:08:40 The REAL Money Maker

01:14:38 Connect with AJ!

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