Making $10K/Month by Buying "Overlooked" Investment Properties

Making $10K/Month by Buying “Overlooked” Investment Properties

Episode #851

There’s one type of investment property most people would NEVER consider that could make you a millionaire. They’re not regular rental properties or huge apartment complexes—in fact, they’re so cheap that most investors could probably buy them outright in cash. What’s this “overlooked” investment property that could make you millions? Stick around, we’ll tell you.

Four years ago, Jason Velie worked at a W2 job without any investment property or passive income. Now, he’s a multimillionaire, making $10,000/month in pure cash flow, NEVER having to wake up to an alarm clock again. After a first deal gone wrong, where Jason spent two years working on a house just to break even, he was introduced to a new type of investment property—one nobody talks about.

With the massive profits from these cash cow deals, Jason was then able to use just $15,000 to buy a property that is now worth $1,000,000. And this was ALL during one of the hottest real estate markets ever. The best part? You can do EXACTLY what Jason did to become a millionaire, too, so stick around to hear his FULL strategy!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:06 Quick Tip

01:45 Termites, Mold, and a BIG Mistake

05:20 Getting Scammed Out of $16K

07:10 The Result of a TERRIBLE First Deal

09:27 Making $100K Flipping Mobile Homes

18:50 The Ultimate Tool for Success

21:18 Turning $15K into $1M!

28:39 Jason’s Current Portfolio

30:46 Connect with Jason!

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