4% Interest Rates Are Coming BACK, Says Major Bank

4% Interest Rates Are Coming BACK, Says Major Bank

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The Fed could bring back 4% interest rates in 2024. That’s right, interest and mortgage rates could take a MASSIVE hit in the near future, according to UBS. This is a far greater rate-cut prediction than we’ve heard from most economists over the past few months. So, what could the effect of rock-bottom rates be on the housing market and the economy? Could demand reignite, forcing us back into bidding wars?

On today’s Mortgage Monday, Christian and David will review this newest federal funds rate prediction from UBS, discussing what could cause the Fed to slash rates and whether or not getting back to 4% is even likely. With a growing economy, falling inflation, and a 2024 presidential election at the end of the year, a LOT could change over the next twelve months.

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00:00 2024 Mortgage Rate Relief?
01:40 Sponsor: Monetary Metals!
02:36 How Low Will Rates Go?
06:42 Effects on the Housing Market
08:19 Supply Could Shoot Up
09:42 Presidential Pressure
10:53 Low Rates, Big Problems
11:20 Work with Christian and David!

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