Student Housing Investments: Massive Cash Flow or Major Headache?

Student Housing Investments: Massive Cash Flow or Major Headache?

Episode #855

Student housing investments can make you killer cash flow. If you invest in college towns, students will pay a premium to be close to campus and won’t mind living in a property with three, four, or five other roommates! This means you can squeeze six high-paying tenants into one single-family home. But more money means more problems, and your investment property could become a party house overnight. How do you keep the cash flow and avoid the headache? Let’s find out!

David is back on Seeing Greene to answer your real estate investing questions, and his partner in crime, Rob Abasolo, joins in to add more investing firepower to this episode. This time, the dynamic duo will touch on student housing investments and whether fitting six (yes, six!) students under one roof is worth the risk. Then, how to invest when your DTI (debt-to-income) is too high. One investor asks whether a lease option is the best way to sell a property, and finally, we’ll finish with the great debate: pay down your mortgage early or save the money instead.

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:12 6 Roommates in One Rental?!

07:53 Invest in Student Housing?

12:58 Questions from the Comment Section

16:08 How to Buy with High DTI (Debt-to-Income)

21:04 Are Lease Options Worth the Risk?

24:59 Pay Down Mortgage or Save?

27:05 Ask David Your Question!

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