How NOT To Invest in Real Estate

How NOT To Invest in Real Estate

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We’ve talked ENOUGH about how to invest in real estate, so here’s how NOT to invest in real estate. If you love losing money, being constantly stressed, or have a dream of owning properties that bring you nothing but pain, this is the video for you. But, if you’re an aspiring real estate investor who wants passive income, long-term wealth, and financial freedom, you’ll still want to watch this to know what to avoid.

Mindy Jensen, veteran investor and Colorado real estate agent, knows the common real estate investing mistakes most rookies make. And if you’re sitting on a bad rental or sky-high-interest mortgage, or just don’t know how to start real estate investing, these quick tips could SAVE YOU on your next real estate deal.

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00:00 How NOT to Invest in Real Estate
00:38 Don’t Run Your Numbers
01:15 Have Only One Exit Strategy
01:48 Invest without Reserves
03:32 Do…Get a Great Agent and Lender
04:07 Do…Get Creative
04:24 Do…Learn Your Market
04:55 Become an Investing PRO

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