Top 5 UNIQUE Home Builds for UNDER $100k

Top 5 UNIQUE Home Builds for UNDER $100k

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Construction prices for homes or unique rentals can be very expensive these days. Here are the Top 5 unique home build options that can be built for less than $100k: 1. Garden Shed 2. Aframe Kit 3. Container Home 4. Geodome 5. Custom Tiny Home. I’ve built all but one of these and they’re DIY friendly as well as easy on the wallet if you don’t go crazy with finishes. And before anyone complains about price per sq.ft., smaller homes will ALWAYS have a higher cost because you have basic sunk investments that are required no matter what size home – i.e. utilities, kitchen, bathroom(s), roofing, etc. The first 700 sq.ft. of the home is always more expensive. It gets drastically cheaper the larger you go (within reason).


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