Fed to Make BIG Interest Rate Cuts in 2024 as Economic Fears Grow

Fed to Make BIG Interest Rate Cuts in 2024 as Economic Fears Grow

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The Fed has big plans for interest rates in 2024. As recession fears grow, Americans’ savings get eroded, and sectors of the economy start to slow, the Fed may begin to backpedal their aggressive rate hikes of the past year and a half and start aggressively lowering interest rates. This would allow home buyers to increase their buying power dramatically and could cause the hot housing market to reignite.

But does this interest rate prediction line up with what the mortgage experts are seeing in 2023? We’ve got Christian and David back on Mortgage Mondays to give their take! In this video, they’ll be going through a new article claiming that the Federal Reserve plans to cut interest rates SIX times next year, causing mortgage rates to slide and home buyer activity to shoot back up.

Could this bring about a repeat of the 2021 and 2022 hot housing market? Do you think the Fed will drop rates THIS dramatically? Let us know in the comments below.

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00:00 New Mortgage Rate Prediction?
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02:28 6 Rate Cuts Next Year!?
03:48 Pressure On the Fed
06:02 Savings Are Being Spent
06:48 HUGE Effect on Home Prices
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