How to Find Real Estate Deals Faster Using Data 99% of People Ignore

How to Find Real Estate Deals Faster Using Data 99% of People Ignore

Episode #349

Housing market competition is tough. And if you don’t know how to find real estate deals that are under the radar, you could be missing out! In a competitive market, ANY kind of advantage goes a long way towards helping you land better deals. And guess what? Harnessing the power of data could help! Today’s guest delivers a handful of helpful tips, tricks, and tools that all rookie investors can use!

Welcome back to the “Real Estate Rookie” podcast! Today, we’re joined by Ariel Herrera—data scientist by day and real estate investor by night. Five years ago, Ariel decided that real estate was going to be her path to financial freedom. Like any eager investor, she devoured as many articles, podcasts, videos, and books as she could get her hands on at the time. Once she realized that she could combine her love for data science with real estate, there was no looking back!

In this episode, Ariel shares about the competitive edge you can gain by being a data-driven real estate investor. She recommends several tools and systems, all of which are easy to implement and require ZERO coding. Additionally, you’ll learn how to choose your market, invest out-of-state, and save a ton of time with a few deal analysis shortcuts!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

02:25 Ariel’s “Epiphany”

04:08 Tech Meets Real Estate!

06:47 Using Data to Find Your Market

11:41 The New Jersey House Hack

17:41 Scoring a RARE Deal by “Web Scraping”

25:23 Investing Out-of-State

29:10 Ariel’s Tampa Bay Properties

33:20 Investing in Mexico?!

38:39 Rookie Reply

41:34 Rookie Exam

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