Massive Passive Income with $0 Down, 0% Interest Rental Properties

Massive Passive Income with $0 Down, 0% Interest Rental Properties

Episode #868

One couple is building MASSIVE passive income and generational wealth by buying rental properties for zero dollars out of pocket, sometimes with zero percent interest rates. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re willing to get a bit creative, you too can build a real estate portfolio that will lead you to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in passive income, even if you start with little money or experience.

Dedric and Krystal Polite are wholesalers, buy and hold rental investors, house flippers, business builders, and, most importantly, husband and wife. After reading the personal finance classic “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Dedric had a vision to become rich. It wasn’t until Krystal came into his life that he finally took the steps to realize that dream. Now, they own a massive income property portfolio and host A&E’s “50/50 Flip.”

In today’s episode, you’ll hear how Dedric and Krystal started with no money, no passive income, and no business knowledge, how they built up their first wholesaling business, how they transitioned into rentals, and the new business they’re investing in that could make them millions. Plus, they give some solid tips on how to invest with a spouse and the question you MUST ask your partner now to make sure they’re willing to build wealth with you.

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:29 Investing with Your Spouse

06:03 What’s Working in 2024

07:52 MULTIPLE Streams of Income

11:39 $0 Down Seller Financing

15:58 Buying Franchises?

22:02 Investing in “Family Entertainment Centers”

28:52 Build Wealth, NOT a JOB

31:50 Ask Your Partner This NOW

36:15 SG: Borrow Private Money for House Hack?

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