World's Most Beautiful Little Red Cottage for Sale

World’s Most Beautiful Little Red Cottage for Sale

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Tiny House Big Living Design Ideas ❤️ is a Channel sharing houses under 500 Sq Ft!
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World’s Most Beautiful Little Red Cottage for Sale
Price: $1000 (built $35k to $50k)
Size: Start 500 Sq Ft
Location: MINCO, OK

Hello everyone. The built this 500sqft little red cottage ourselves 6 years ago. We now sell blueprints so that you can build this exact same house DIY yourself or with a builder. Blueprints are expensive and take many months to put together. We are very fortunate to have a Licensed Architect on our team that has helped create an amazing set of blueprints for this house and our other two at a much lower cost. We typically sell these blueprints for $1000 each per set but we have decided to sell them as a special package. All 3 sets of digital blueprints for $1000. You get 14 pages of full print blueprints ready to work from. In three different sized cottages. These are not just a floor plan. These are quality 3 dimensional blueprints that include all the details needed from the foundation, framing, windows, doors, interior, and roof.
Cost to build can be varied depending on your location, wants, & needs. But the average cost to build is $50k. We have sold our blueprints to many families that have built from $35k to $50k
If you’re interested in this house or inspired by this build and would like to get our quality blueprints in your hands or more info. Message me, text, or call and I’ll get them shipped out to you ASAP. You will be provided with the digital blueprints that you can view from your phone, tablet, or computer.
To order in person….call or text me directly and we can visit.

Matt & Casey Ruthardt
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