I've Done 600+ Deals: Here's How I Find The BEST Real Estate Markets

I’ve Done 600+ Deals: Here’s How I Find The BEST Real Estate Markets

Episode #878

Antoine Martel has a secret to finding the best real estate markets around, and here’s the thing—ANYONE can repeat his process. After flipping over SIX HUNDRED houses and building a BIG real estate portfolio, he knows a thing or two about where to buy, which markets make the most sense, and what type of house is worth the risk. That’s why, instead of doing multimillion-dollar luxury flips, Antoine decided to do “micro-flips” in affordable markets, with a staggering rate of success.

What is “micro-flipping?” If you’re a beginner investor like Antoine, starting out with only $40,000, buying in the big cities won’t work. So, instead, Antoine found the real estate markets with low prices, high demand, and LOTS of deals so he could get his money back faster and keep repeating the system. These low-risk “micro-flips” all-in often cost less than a down payment, but they can give beginner investors the snowball effect they need to start building wealth.

Shortly after seeing massive success with his “micro-flips,” Antoine ran out of deals and decided to move into more markets. From there, he developed a detailed system that ANYONE can copy to pinpoint America’s BEST real estate investing markets. And if you stick around, you’ll learn how to do it, too!

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00:00 Intro

01:31 Investing in College!

05:33 Buying $35K Houses

09:43 How to Find the BEST Investing Areas

13:18 Best Zip Codes in America

17:02 Building Your Out-of-State Team

19:11 The Home Renovation “Sweet Spot”

23:25 Antoine’s Portfolio

29:31 The “Micro-Flip” Strategy

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