3 Huge Mortgage Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make (Real Examples)

3 Huge Mortgage Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make (Real Examples)

You’re a real estate investor who’s ready to buy their next investment property. You think you’ve got the mortgage game all figured out. You’re set to close, ready to wire the money, but then, your lender calls you, “Uh, sorry, looks like we can’t close today…or ever.” What happened? The seller is furious, and they’ve got backup bidders ready to take what was supposed to be your next real estate deal. How do you ensure this NEVER happens? You gotta listen to Mortgage Mondays!

In this episode, we’re talking about some of the most common mortgage mistakes that’ll cost you THOUSANDS or lose you a deal entirely. From getting the wrong loan to not understanding basic lending rules, you could accidentally fall into a trap unless you have an experienced lender by your side. Or, even worse, you could get stuck with loans that limit your growth, slow your path to financial freedom, and take MORE money out of your pocket.

Want to get on the faster track to passive income and rental property wealth? Well, DON’T make these mistakes!

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00:00 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes
01:56 1. Use the Wrong Loan
04:32 2. Ignore This Rule
8:32 3. Go For FHA
12:10 Work with Christian and David!

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