2 Real Estate Markets We'd Buy in NOW (and 1 We'd Run From)

2 Real Estate Markets We’d Buy in NOW (and 1 We’d Run From)

If you want to succeed in out-of-state real estate investing, you need to be SURE your real estate market is a winner. But instead of researching hundreds of different markets, guessing which one will be the right pick, we’ve brought three of the most popular real estate markets in America to you as we decide which market is hot, which is not, and which we’d double down on.

Well, “we” aren’t doing anything; Dave Meyer and Zach Lemaster are. Both Dave and Zach are experts in out-of-state investing. Dave currently runs his real estate portfolio from Europe, while Zach designed an entire business (Rent to Retirement) to help investors make better returns than in their home markets.

Today, Dave and Zach are breaking down three top real estate markets: San Antonio, Texas; Boise, Idaho; and Huntsville, Alabama. They love a couple of them, but one…let’s just say they won’t be buying houses there any time soon. Which markets made the cut? Stick around to find out!

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00:00 Best Out-of-State Real Estate Markets?
01:11 1. San Antonio, Texas
03:33 A Texan Price Correction?
05:04 2. Boise, Idaho
08:32 3. Huntsville, Alabama
11:27 The Hot/Not Markets

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