How to Research Real Estate Markets in 4 Steps

How to Research Real Estate Markets in 4 Steps

We’re about to show you how to research real estate markets to find investing goldmines, even if you’re a brand new investor. If you don’t know how to do real estate market analysis, this is the video for you, as Anson Young, Denver-based real estate investor, goes through his four simple steps to finding the best real estate markets in America. And today, we’re showing off a real-life market that Anson invests heavily in—Columbus, Ohio.

This market may be the gem of the Midwest for investors, but without analyzing it the right way, you’d never know that. We’ll break down the four steps to market analysis, from looking at housing market stats to crime and school districts, economic trends, and investor metrics that EASILY point out whether a property market is going to be profitable or not. As a rookie, this information could make or break your ENTIRE portfolio!

What do you think of Columbus, Ohio? Are the impressive metrics enough to get YOU to invest? Let us know in the comments below!

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00:00 Real Estate Market Analysis 101
01:01 1. Housing Market Metrics
03:34 Crime and School Districts
04:23 2. Market Trends to Watch
06:21 3. Economic Indicators
07:57 4. Investing Strategy
10:41 Would You Buy Here?

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