The 4 Things That Will STOP You From Creating Generational Wealth

The 4 Things That Will STOP You From Creating Generational Wealth

Want to learn how to create generational wealth? You know, the type of wealth that your children’s children’s children’s children can rely on. The type of wealth that allows your family to live a life of financial freedom, pursue their passions, and make a real impact on the world without having to sit behind a cubicle or screen all day long? That’s the wealth Whitney Elkins-Hutten is teaching you how to build in today’s episode.

After achieving financial independence for herself and her family through real estate, Whitney knew that she didn’t want her knowledge to go to waste. So, she developed a wealth-building blueprint for her daughter, which became her new book, “Money for Tomorrow.” In it, Whitney teaches you how to build a wealth legacy that will endure for generations to come and ensure that your descendants won’t gamble or spend away your life’s work.

To protect your generational wealth, Whitney walks us through the four financial “horsemen” that will drain your savings, crush you with taxes and fees, and lead you to financial ruin. So, if you want to ensure your wealth is built to last and will be there for generations, stick around for this episode and pick up your copy of “Money for Tomorrow” using code “MFTPOD” for a special discount:

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:36 The Wealth-Building Blueprint

04:18 The Four Horsemen of Losing Money

08:53 CUT Your Expenses

10:25 Use Insurance the RIGHT Way

12:35 Take Advantage of The Tax Code

20:07 Avoid HUGE Investment Fees

26:41 Passing Down Generational Wealth

29:40 You Need MORE Than Financial Freedom

31:47 Grab the Book!

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