Will This Law Kill Airbnb in Colorado?

Will This Law Kill Airbnb in Colorado?

A proposed Colorado law that would increase property taxes for STRs by 400% Is the Colorado housing market heating up again?

Colorado Real Estate Podcast | Erin Spradlin and James Carlson

🎧 SB-33 | How will this new Colorado Airbnb Law impact the short-term rental and vacation market? Is a short-term rental investment still a good idea in Colorado? #senatebill33 #coloradoairbnb #coloradorealestateinvesting

Colorado Sun Article: https://coloradosun.com/2024/02/02/short-term-rental-opposition-senate-bill-33/

🎧 | Is the market heating up in Colorado? | 🔥🔥 | Is now a good time to buy a house?

🎧 Gratitude | Gratitude, a Zero Proof Bar in Old Colorado City, Alcohol-Free Bar in Colorado Springs, Sober Bar in Colorado Springs

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