"Build-to-Rent" 101 and Why Building Makes You MORE Than Buying

“Build-to-Rent” 101 and Why Building Makes You MORE Than Buying

Though only in her thirties, Natalie Cloutier has built a nine-million dollar real estate portfolio with just eight properties. Her secret to success? The “build-to-rent” strategy that so many real estate investors won’t even consider. Most investors feel that the building process is too complicated, expensive, and requires too much effort to be worth the time. But what if this “build-to-rent” strategy allowed you to create your own profitable deals, make massive amounts of equity, and build wealth even in a highly competitive market?

After her parents shared their secret strategy to build wealth, Natalie realized that building rentals, not buying them, was her ticket to financial freedom. But how could she get started? She was a fresh college graduate with no money to her name. Thanks to a no-money-down construction loan, Natalie built her first rental property, a house hack, which ignited her multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio.

In today’s show, she shares her “super secret method” to “building” wealth with the build-to-rent strategy, how to CREATE your own deals in ANY market, what you can expect to pay for a new construction home, how to find land to build on, and the biggest challenge that stops most investors from getting started (you CAN get around this!). Plus, how she’s doing it all in Canada’s unbelievably unaffordable housing market.

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Show notes at: https://link.chtbl.com/BPRE

00:00 Intro
01:54 The BRRRR 2.0
02:51 Canada’s ROUGH Housing Market
06:51 Why Building Beats Buying
08:56 Too Risky to Try?
12:30 How to Fund New Construction
16:08 House Hacking a New Build
18:47 How to Build for CHEAP
24:28 Finding Land to Build On
26:33 Getting Around High Rates
28:26 EASIEST Way to Get Started
30:51 Ready to Build?

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