3 Ways to Find Cash-Flowing Rentals EVEN with 7% Mortgage Rates

3 Ways to Find Cash-Flowing Rentals EVEN with 7% Mortgage Rates

Everyone keeps saying how it’s SO hard to find cash flow with today’s seven and eight-percent mortgage rates. But how true IS this statement? Is it actually impossible to find cash-flowing rental properties, and if it was, how have Chris Lopez’s clients in pricey Denver been able to buy rentals with up to a FIFTY PERCENT cash-on-cash return? We thought cash flow was nearly impossible, so how is Chris doing it?

Well, no need to speculate because Chris is here to share the three ways that he’s finding SOLID cash flow even with 2024’s breathtakingly high mortgage rates. These three strategies can be used in almost any market, and DON’T require you to put down a large down payment. But, if you have a chunk of change and are looking for more cash flow, Chris does the math to see how much a twenty to twenty-five percent down payment could boost your passive income.

Which of these strategies would you use in your market? And if you’ve used any of them before, let us know in the comments how well they worked for you!

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00:00 ow to Find Cash Flow in 2024
01:47 Airbnb Growth is Over
04:02 10% Return with Medium-Term Rentals
07:51 Value-Add Multifamily
09:09 $1,300/Month Cash Flow!
14:26 Rent by The Room
16:00 0% Return as a House Hacker!
18:50 Don’t Have Time or Money?

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