$4K/Month Cash Flow From Real Estate After Losing His “Safe” Job

$4K/Month Cash Flow From Real Estate After Losing His “Safe” Job

For some people, real estate investing is “too risky.” But what if a small, cash-flowing portfolio could provide financial stability when you lose your job? If you asked today’s guests, they might say it’s too risky NOT to buy rental properties!

Welcome back to the “Real Estate Rookie” podcast! Kevin and Julia Windheuser got into real estate at the perfect time. Shortly after building a small portfolio with six total doors, Kevin was let go from his “safe” engineering job. With no W2 income, the couple leaned on the steady income from their rentals. This $4,000 monthly cash flow bought them the time to not only work on their real estate business but also find Kevin a new job.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the power of a “small and mighty” rental portfolio and how it can insulate your finances when times are tough. Kevin and Julia also talk about why they chose a market just outside their backyard, as well as how they estimate rehab costs. Tired of bad tenants? Julia shares the unique screening process she uses to guarantee the best tenants in town!

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Show notes at: https://link.chtbl.com/Rookie

00:00 Intro

00:32 Losing His “Safe” Job

06:07 Financial Stability & Choosing a Market

12:04 Challenging Rehab Projects

21:11 Tenant Screening 101

26:33 Tips for New Investors

34:45 What’s Next for the Windheusers?

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